Spannabis, Barcelona 2019 and Photon LED™ Grow Light

We here at Photon LED™ are proud to announce our debut on the international stage at Spannabis, Barcelona. We’ve been working tirelessly over the past few years, to bring to you a product that is best in its class, and truly drives home the message that LED fixtures are not only better than HID fixtures, but the future of horticultural grow lights.

Spannabis is the biggest expo of its kind in Europe, in one of Europe’s greatest cities, Barcelona. We couldn’t miss this opportunity to show to you all the fantastic product we proudly call our own.

You’ll be able to find us dotted all over Spannabis, from our social team to technical experts to sales representatives. You’re bound to see us throughout the duration of the expo. If you do, please approach us, it will be our pleasure to show you Photon LED™. We’ll also have some great freebies to give away, as well as a competition to win your very own Photon LED™ 5 Way.

You’ll be able to recognise us from our black tops emblazoned with Photon LED™. Most of our representatives will have a module with them, so it’s a great opportunity to get your hands on one and really get a feel for how special this product is.


Head to the Spannabis website to get more information about the expo, or to grab your last-minute tickets.

We cannot wait to see you in Barcelona,

Team Photon LED™

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