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Founded to revolutionize the grow light industry




Photon LED was founded to bring about change in the grow light industry. We identified what we believe to be glaring issues with its progress. Namely, being far behind other industries with regards to technology. Secondly, innovation and an inability to see beyond the now standardised and tired practice of designing the same light as every other brand on the market.

Photon LED aims to change these issues with a one of a kind product that stands out from the crowd and delivers on performance. Utilising new technology coupled with meticulous design processes, to produce a light fit to drag the horticultural industry into the 21st century.

For decades HPS has ruled supreme. In the face of rapid advancement in lighting technology over the past decade, still HPS fixtures rule. With the ascension of Light Emitting Diodes (LED), horticulture has the opportunity to haul itself into the 21st century.

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Our team at Photon LED have decades of experience across the horticultural industry.

This allow us an edge over competitors as we view our goals from a multifaceted stand point. We seek to answer the questions that shop owners, and most importantly, end users ask.


This gives you, the shopkeeper peace of mind that the product you are selling is second to none. This of course in turn gives the end user peace of mind that your crops are safe in Photon LED’s intense glow.

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