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Made to revolutionize the grow light industry



 FullPhotoSpec 2.0™ 

To create the best possible LED grow light fixture, two key factors need to be addressed: Quality of spectrum and intensity

FullPhotoSpec 2.0™

Photon LED’s FullPhotoSpec 2.0™ light spectrum is the result of multiple years of research into optimum light spectrums for plant growth. The result of this extensive research has led us to develop a full spectrum light with a spectrum that mimics the McCree Curve.

McCree Curve

Designed in the 1970s by Dr McCree, The McCree curve outlines the plant’s average response to different wavelengths and each wavelength’s importance to plant growth. Photosynthesis was found to largely occur between wavelengths of 400nm (deep blue) to 700nm (far red), which is commonly known as the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Therefore, it is widely accepted that a grow light emitting a spectrum on this range translates to a larger, faster growing plant and an increase in yield.


Fruit of Research and Testing

Photon LED Board guarantees an optimum spectrum for a successful crop based on scientific researching and testing.


 Lens-less design 

No extra lenses added for improved light efficacy


PPF (Photosynthetic photon flux) is a measurement of the number of Photons in the 400-700nm PAR range emitted from a light source. In other words, light intensity. Photon LED Board have been designed to output maximum light intensity to drive higher levels of photosynthesis.

PPFD (Photosynthetic photon flux density) is the number of photons that land on a given surface area from a stated height. When comparing PPFD values  of different lights, it's essential to look at the charts with multiple measurements of each light rather than just one.

Each Photon LED Board 120W contains 260 individual LEDs and the Photon LED Board 480W contains 1040 individual LED'S, which collectively drive a whopping PPF of 2.7 μmol/J.


 Samsung and Cree 

Industry leading quality, provides reliability while saving operation costs

Cree Diodes

Cree LEDs deliver the industry’s highest output and efficiency to enabling LED horticulture lights to be more effective than traditional light sources while using less power.

Samsung Diodes

Samsung LEDs have industry proven reliability and widely used in vertical/indoor farming and greenhouse farming globally. Samsung horticulture line-up provide longer period of warranty than LEDs for general lighting.

red diode.png


A full spectrum diode with accentuation on reds, stimulates the plant's response to flowering, boosting bloom stage.


Full Spectrum horticultural grade light that mimics the sun light. Stimulates plant growth during the whole cycle.

white diode.png


 Compact and Versatile 

Optimal space use and optimal heat dissipation

Minimal Heat Generation

The body is produced with space graded aluminium for maximised heat dissipation and durability. Since it's composed of LED type lights, the heat generation is minimal, making it easier to control the grow room environment.


IP65 Graded

All the connectors are IP68 graded and the whole unit is IP65 graded, making it dust and waterproof.

Thin and sleek

Photon LED Board is one of the thinnest in the grow light industry and fits in compact places. Its driver is detachable and can be installed away from the board.

Dimmer and accessories included

The package includes the dimmer and 2 different types of hangers - Everything you need for easy assembling and installation.

Check the full assemble manual here.


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Photon LED Board 480w


Photon LED Board 120w

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